Nursing Pillow DIY -No Zip

Here is a free nursing pillow pattern for you to print and use!

If you are looking to make a Boppy slipcover, it will fit with this pattern – see the photos of our breastfeeding pillow slipcover on a Boppy below for examples.

Materials Needed:

  • 1.5 yards slipcover fabric (flannel, fleece, minky)
  • 1.5 yards pillow fabric (cotton)
  • stuffing

Here is nursing-pillow-pattern in PDF format for both the pillow and slipcover.

It will print on 6 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. Make sure you are printing without margins. The instructions are not included in the PDF, they are written out on this page below.

First, print out the PDF and tape it all together as shown. You’ll notice that there is only one pattern for both the actual pillow and for the slipcover. For the pillow, simply cut two identical sides, sew wrong sides together and leave a small opening to stuff, turn right side out and then stuff and sew opening. The tutorial below is for the slipcover as it is ever so slightly more complicated. Not much though!



breastfeeding pillow patternnursing pillow pattern pieces

Your slipcover opening is on one side and is simply overlapping fabric held together by velcro. No zippers to sew, yay! By putting the opening on the end you can use both sides of your breastfeeding pillow. However, you may do your overlap where you like! By doing it right in the middle, for example, would make changing the cover even faster.



nursing pillow tutorialnursing pillow slipcover pieces

Turn under and hem the edges of the two pieces that will overlap to create the opening. Next, place right sides together.



nursing pillow handmadeslipcover handmade

Place smallest piece on top and pin all the way around. After sewing (I always sew twice to reinforce it) you can turn right side out.



nursing pillow slipcover patternhandmade nursing pillow

All done! Nice and plump.