Bohemian(Gypsy) Pyramid Decoration Pillow DIY

This tutorial of 3D (three-dimensional) pillow is gonna to show you how to create an absolutely stunning piece of decoration that does not just cause gasps of admiration among your friends and house guests.

Materials Needed:

  • Cutting Mat
  • Pattern paper
  • Colorful Cotton Fabric of Choice*4 patterns (recommend one pattern to be velvet or hard silk to enhance the tone)
  • Straight Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fiberfill for stuffing
  • Needle & Thread (for sewing closed)


1. Prepare the inner cushion with stuffing.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style0 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style01

 2. General understanding of the template below.

  • Cut out an equilateral triangle on pattern paper. you will need 4 same small triangles. Place them together to form a large triangle as shown in the right side of each image below.
  • Do the same to remaining 3 pieces and attach all 4 large triangles to each other, combining edge (one – in the center, the other three – on the sides). See the photo at the left side of each image below.
  • Paint color to all small triangles on pattern paper, as shown in the figures. Make sure the sequence is correct.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style02 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style03

3. Fold each pattern using a small triangle in half and place it on the cloth so that  it is symmetrically at  the center (see the following left photo). Cut out all the colorful fabric pieces in this way, and arrange them as shown in the right photo (view from the front side). If you do not want to paint the paper – just select the letters (A, B, C, D).

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style04 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style05

4. Sew the small triangles of different patterns into one large, iron the edges, complete all 4 the same way.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style06 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style07


5. Sew all 4 ready large triangles together, trying to observe precisely the distance from the edge.When working correctly the final piece should be completely symmetrical on all pieces when you fold it in half.


diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style08 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style09

6. Fold the final piece in half, sew the zipper at bottom edges, carefully trim the corners, then fold top point down and stitch one side.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style10 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style11


7.  Line up remaining edge and stitch second side, turn the cover with right side out through zipper openingPillow cover is ready. Put pillow cushion inside to complete.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style12 diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style13


8. Finish.

diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style1  diy-pillow-in-gypsy-style2