Buttoned Throw Pillow Cover DIY

This throw pillow is really fresh for home decoration.

Materials Needed:

  • all your sewing stuff
  • fabric, you could even use scraps for this one
  • cover button kit for three buttons
  • ric rac
  • pillow form, I used 12 x 12 inch but you could go bigger


Throw Pillow Supplies



Fabric Cuts:


Fabric Cuts For Throw Pillow


All these cuts are for a 12 x 12 inch pillow, but you could easily adjust the numbers for a larger pillow.  Sew Mama Sew has a great post that gives some measurements for different sizes and some more tips on sewing pillows, I learned a few things you will see here.  You will notice my measurements are a little different but they would work the same. Cuts in inches:


  • one 12¼ x 12¼ for backing
  • one 12¼ x 10 for front panel
  • one 12¼ x 8 for front panel
  • one 12¼ x 2 for front detail
  • one 14 x ¾ for button loops (not shown)
  • 12¼ cut ric rac




Start by ironing all the cut pieces, and cover the buttons in the fabric you want.



Sew the 14 x ¾ inch piece into a tube by folding in half, right sides together, then sew up the side.  To turn out just fasten a safety pin to the end and push through the inside pulling the end through.  Press flat and cut into three equal pieces.



Now take the 2 x 12¼ inch piece, fold in half and press.



Then take the the larger front panel piece and fold a 12¼ inch side over ¼ inch twice, press and sew.  For the second panel just fold over ¼ inch once and press.


Pinning front panel detail


Lay the pressed 2 x 12¼ inch piece on a flat surface, layer the ric rac and button loops on top and pin.  I just eyeballed it for the loops, but keep in mind that you need a seam allowance and so you don’t want to be to close to the sides. Pin it all in place.


Pinned Front Panel For Throw Pillow


Now lay the the 12¼ by 10 inch panel on top with the pressed edge meeting the detail and pin.


Sewing Front Panel


Now sew all the layers together right along the edge as shown with a slightly longer stitch length than usual (like a top stitch).



Okay, it’s all down hill from here!  In the easy sense that is.  Just take the back panel and lay right side up on a flat surface.  Layer the detailed piece first, lining up the edges with the right side down, then the second front panel over that with the right side down.  The two front panels will overlap.



Now pin it all up making sure that you pin at the overlapping parts good so they don’t budge while sewing.



Sew it together around all four sides with a ¼ inch seam allowance (line the presser foot up with the edge of the fabric).  When you get to the corners, make sure the needle is down, lift the foot and rotate.  Back stitch at the beginning and end.



Snip corners and sew a vertical stitch along the angle like shown for a little reinforcement, a little trick I learned from Julie on the Sew Mama Sew post.



Now turn out and press, almost done!



Just need to add the buttons.  I marked where I would sew them on with a pencil.  You will want to mark on the inside edge of the loop so the loop has to stretch a little to get over the button.




buttoned up throw pillow


Now just put in the insert.  Isn’t it cute?!