Felt Animal Ornament- Squirrel

I’d like you to meet the Nuts…

Hazel…(And the crowd goes wild. Okay. Not really. But that would be cool.)

and Filbert…(More raucous cheers…in my own mind, anyway.)


And now for your warm, fuzzy enjoyment…A tutorial.

Collect your supplies:

  • Squirrel-colored felt
  • White Felt
  • A puff of fluff for stuffing
  • A pen for tracing
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • 2 black beads or small buttons for eyes
  • 10″ hanging string (Divine Twine, Ribbon, Emboridery Floss, Yarn, etc.)
  • Powder Blush (optional)

Download the pattern here (squirrel-ornament-pattern).


Cut pattern pieces out and trace them on to the felt.


Cut pieces out of felt. (Tip: I like to cut just inside the pen line.)


Stitch belly to body. Then stitch on ear piece. Use any kind of stitch you like. (See picture below for placement.)

Embroider nose and mouth.

Add black bead eyes.

Hazel has a little powder blush on her cheeks. Apply with a q-tip.


Embroider a design on the tummy if you want. Here are some ideas.

I like to embroider a date on the back. (Tip: Make sure you are stitching on the correct side of the back. Not fun to find out you’ve done it wrong after you’ve put in all that work. Yes. I am speaking from experience.)

Squirrel back
Match body front to body back and blanket stitch around the edges of the ornament. Before you sew the ornament completely shut, you can add a fluff of stuffing if you want your squirrel to be plump.

Add a string for hanging.


Say hello to your new squirrel friend.


Happy stitching, friends.

Source: Yougogirl.com

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