Lily Flower DIY

This lily flower is stunning.  You can make a bunch and put them in a vase for your home decor.In this turtorial, I will demonstrate how to shape the frame of the petal using a glass cup.  The technique is rather simple. I found an interesting see-through mesh-like fabric and it works really great for this flower.



  • stretchy mesh like fabric
  • floral wire
  • foral stamen
  • shot glass




1. For the frame of the petal, wrap the wire around a shot glass. Twist the short end around the long end.  This long end will be the stem.

 2. Once the frame has been removed from the rim of the shot glass, stretch it out to look like a petal.  Using another wire, create the spine of the petal. Create a total of 5 frames.

3. Envelope the frame from top to bottom with the see-through stretchy fabric. Tie the fabric together.  (Since the material is stretchy, you can just tie it.)  When you’re done, the metal wired frame should be inside the fabric. Repeat for all 5 frames.

4. Add stamen to the center of the petal for a realistic look.

5.  Combine all 5 petals.  Then tightly wrap metal wire at the bottom of the flower to hold all 5 petals together.