Oriental Vintage Ball Ornament DIY

This decoration ball is a traditional stitching artwork from China, usually used during wedding or new year.

Materials Needed:

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Stuffing (Polyester Fiberfill)
  • bells
  • lace or ribbon


All dimensions are for tree decorations measuring about 12cm in diameter.

1. Print out the template bellow and cut the half-circle at 12cm in diameter, and the PART (with 2 ends O1 and O2 connect) that Circle O1&O4 overlaps.



2. Trace and cut above 2 templates *12pcs each on cotton of two different patterns.

Before start, drawing a line on wrong side of your fabric about 1cm along the edge (using a pen or vanishing marker) might help you keep your stitches straight. Fold half-circle fabric in half so that the wrong side of it is outside, back stitch on radius side, leaving a hole from stuffing, then pin the bottom part, back stitch to the circle.



3. Turn your fabric inside out, put stuffing inside as much as you can, stitch off the hole.



4. Make all 12 pcs as above, stitch 3pcs as a group together, with total 4 groups.



5. Combine 2 groups together from outside, another 2 proups from bottom.


6. Stitch together above 2 parts with remaining points outside to become a ball. Add bells if you like.


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