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Halloween Dragon Costume From a Hoodie DIY Tutorial

It’s Pumpkin season, and Halloween is not far away to celebrate. Make your own Halloween costume can be a good way to save money and make yours distinctive from all others. I’ve put some effort into decorating everything properly, and we need makeups for our Halloween treat-or-treating candies and so many Halloween decoration ideas and party treats that you won’t miss, just click the link and you will get inspired for your Halloween party more exciting this year.  Stephanie from Swoodson Says shows how she created this amazing dragon costume using a purchased hoodie as a base.  Starting with the hoodie means that most of the complicated sewing is already done for you – the sleeves, the zipper, the hood are already done!  Then it’s just a matter of adding the parts that make a dragon costume, like the tail and spikes and of course the wings. 

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Halloween Dragon Costume From a Hoodie DIY Tutorial

Get the tutorial buy the link below:

Dragon Wings Costume DIY Tutorial by Swoodson Says

Halloween Dragon Toothless Costume From a Hoodie DIY Tutorial

Ashley from Make it and Love It shares us her version on how to create a Toothless costume for your toddler, which includes a hat, a set of dragon wings, a tail, and little dragon claw socks. Get the tutorial buy the link here: DIY Toothless Costume from “How To Train Your Dragon by Make It and Love It.