Knit One Square Stuffed Bunny Free Pattern

You will love this way to make knitted bunny from a knit (or crochet) square, and even any square towel or fabric. The easy knit bunny we featured was a perfect example. It makes it super easy by threading the square with a triangle and pull the thread after filling the center with poly fill. The bunny is adorable that you can use crochet square to make it fancier, perfect for kids toy delivery or home decoration. Even for beginners of knitting or crochet, making plush soft cutie toys will be a must try since it requires basic knitting/crochet skills.  It’s one of the most simple knitted toys involving knitting a rectangle and sewing it together to make the body. Get two plastic eyes for the head, sew it and the tail onto the body, and you’re done.

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Knit One Square Stuffed Bunny Free PatternOne Square Stuffed Bunny [knitting pattern]