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DIY Bunny Cosmetic Bag Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Here comes the curest Bunny Cosmetic Bag for Easter to make your vanity a bit more fun! And easy grab and go with the makeup essentials. I have shared some purse DIY tutorials before, and if you love big handbags, I also shared some projects of sew bags tutorials.  This one was not a little work, but I had so much joy and anticipation, because I’m so curious what you make beautiful from it. Of course, you can also take the “body” as a basic cut for a completely different animal. So you can easily make a rabbit, a cat or a dog from the bunny by redrawing the head, sewing another tail and putting a mouse or a bone on the zipper instead of the carrot. I wish you a lot of joy sewing.

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DIY Bunny Cosmetic Bag Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

The free pattern download and tutorial can be found here:

DIY Bunny Bag Free Pattern