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DIY Cat Zipper Pouch Free Sewing Pattern

Meow? A Cat Zipper Pouch is coming! Are you a cat girl? Or you love all the cat-themed apparel and accessories? If so, check out all the cat free sewing patterns I’ve dig out if you are handy dainty to make all by yourself! Stuff it with fun things like candy, pencils, money or makeup. All of the zippers actually work, and you can open it from the top, bottom, middle, front or back.  I have shared some purse DIY tutorials before. To sew a Fabric zip pouch is not as complex as we imagine. This cute little cat pouch is the one and would also make a perfect desktop friend or tiny toy, and are purfect for stitch-happy cat ladies!

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DIY Cat Zipper Pouch Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link below for the free pattern and detailed tutorial:

Cat Zipper Pouch By The We All Sew Family