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DIY Fabric Baby Crib Booties Free Sewing Patterns + Video

These baby fabric crib booties/shoes are really comfortable and by sewing a little elastic in the back to keep baby’s foot snug inside. You can sew whatever size slippers you want with this tutorial, so fabulous!! Simple get out your shoes of the right shoes and measure the sizes you need. You can also add a little name tag to the back which adds a beautiful touch to a simple design.  They are simply gorgeous, super stylish and fully embellished shoes are too adorable and would surely be every kid’s fancy and icing on the cake is the that they are made with the printed and colorful fabric, buttons and flowers to fit and suit all types of dresses and that too the whole year time.

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DIY Fabric Baby Crib Booties Free Sewing Patterns + Video

Free Baby Booties Patterns by Lin

DIY Fabric Baby Crib  Bitty Booties Free Sewing Pattern +Tutorial

Bitty Booties by Heather Bailey

DIY Fabric Baby Crib Booties Free Sewing Pattern

Baby Cloth Shoes by One Dog Woof

DIY Fabric Forget Me Knot Baby Booties Free Sewing Pattern +Tutorial

Forget Me Knot Shoes by Shwin Designs