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DIY Fabric Bubble Baby Play Mat Free Sewing Tutorials

Make this Fabric Bubble Baby Play Mat for your little lovely, since it’s getting warmer, and time for baby tummy time! Being parents, we have to buy and make lots of baby stuffs for them. But if you can sew, your baby is in luck, and now I have to show you these darling puff quilts, each quilt is made piece by piece, with lots of love and patience. Quilting is a fulfilling project that gives you an awesome, practical result. Quilts make great gifts for friends and relatives, or even just a present for yourself. If you’ve done a lot of quilting and feel the need to change it up, however, it’s time to try bubble quilting! A bubble quilt is quite possibly the best blanket you can make. It is very warm, fluffy and super easy to make. And you can recycle old t-shirts and arrange these puffs in pattern like the rainbow one below:

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DIY Fabric Bubble Baby Play Mat Free Sewing Tutorials

Click the link below for the free tutorial:

Funny rug from old knitted t-shirts by Irina-Studio

DIY Fabric Bubble Qulit Free Sewing Tutorial +Video

Click the link below for the video:

Bubble Quilt/Biscuit Quilt Puff Blanket Tutorial + Video