DIY Fabric Mermaid Kitty Plush Free Sewing Pattern

The three little kittens, they lost their mittens, And they began to cry… Whenever you hear your kids sing the song, these little mermaid kitty will make you smile. f you are a cat girl or you love all the cat-themed apparel and accessories as me, check out all the cat free sewing patterns I’ve dig out if you are handy dainty to make all by yourself! These Mermaid Kitty Plush are just the right size to carry along in a child’s pocket! Stephanie from cholyknight shares a free pattern for making one. Different from other fabric dolls I have shared, it’s a doll and a cat in one, but you can dress it up with hair with the same pattern into doll.

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DIY Fabric Mermaid Kitty Plush Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link below to get the FREE sewing pattern:

Mer-kitty Plush by cholyknight