DIY Fabric Stuffed Hobbes Free Sewing Pattern

Sew a Fabric Stuffed Hobbes if you are one fan of the Calvin and Hobbes! If you need toys sewing patterns, you should check out via the ink here, there are a variety of different versions to choose from! The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was wildly popular through its run in the papers. For Christmas a few years ago, I thought a stuffed Hobbes doll would make a great gift for boys! The artist of the strip, Bill Watterson, famously refused to allow his characters to be licensed and capitalize on their popularity, feeling that doing so would undermine the integrity of the strip. Despite obvious interest, Calvin and Hobbes merchandise was never available. 

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DIY Fabric Stuffed Hobbes Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

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Stuffed Hobbes Free Pattern By seamster