DIY Fluffy Fabric Toy Bunny Free Sewing Patterns

These DIY Fluffy Fabric Toy Bunny are easy for beginners to sew with furry fabric or towels If you are looking for Easter sewing projects, click the link through. Bunnies I have shared some bunny sew patterns, these are all great ideas to sew as Easter gifts, ranging in style from classic to quirky. As Spring is right around the corner! To get you ready for springtime crafting or Easter gifts, I’ve created a chubby bunny sewing pattern and tutorial as well as organic fabric kits for making an incredibly soft hopping ones!

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DIY Fluffy Fabric Chocolate Bunny Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorials

Chocolate Bunny by Sew 4 Home

DIY Fluffy Fabric Toy Bunny Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny by Jenny Allsorts