DIY Fabric Flying Squirrel Toy Free Sewing Pattern

Who else love squirrels? Now time to sew these adorable Fabric Squirrel Toys for little ones and kids. If you need toys sewing patterns, you should check out via the ink here, there are a variety of different versions to choose from! Squirrels are undoubtedly cute, but they are just as pesky to catch! And I don’t mean physically catch with your hands, even trying to spot them is a task with all that scurrying up and down! These cute and easy woodland toys are the ideal hand-stitched gifts and will be a hit with adults and children alike.

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DIY Flying Squirrel Lovey Free Sewing Pattern&Tutorial

Click the link below to get the FREE sewing pattern:

Flying Squirrel by Abby Glassenberg + Wild Olive