DIY Handy Clip-on Belt Pouch Free Sewing Pattern

What’s to celebrate next? Father’s day! Sew a Handy Clip-on Belt Pouch for daddy or yourself if you want to keep your hands free with phones, keys and cash! Cellphone cozy, also frequently called crochet cell phone case, are such fun little projects. I have shared some Crochet cellphone cozies with free patterns that you can check them out if you are also keen on crocheting. This belt pouch is really a handy and warm gift to boys and dads and they’re sure to have something unique. Easy to sew and you can hang on your belt or bag for other purpose, or simply a phone cozy from daily wear and tear.

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DIY Handy Clip-on Belt Pouch Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link blow for the free pattern and tutorial:

Handy Slip-on or Clip-on Belt Pouch by Liz Johnson