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DIY Hexagon Jean Pillow Sew Free Pattern & Tutorial

I put this DIY Hexagon Jean Pillow Sew pattern because it can be sewn or patched together with the idea, it actually requires no new in the tutorial below. It’s always fun and rewarding to recycle your old Demin jeans into chic Jean Bags! Worn Jeans are common among kids, we don’t have to throw away them after wearing several months, remaining new except the big hole there. If you are no more for that age, cut them into shorts, you can Turn Worn Jeans into DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts in many ways into stylish new summer wear as I have collected before.  You may don’t want to cut your loved jeans, or want to wear them in cold days, your can mend  those holes with those smiling faces here.  With simple cut and sew, you can also make this fabulous addition to your home decoration with an ombre effect aka the waves Kristyn brought to us, easy to do, and inspiration to make using patchwork method, too.

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DIY Hexagon Jean Pillow Sew Free Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link here for the free DIY tutorial:

Jean Hexagon PillowBy Kristyn/Lilluna