DIY Recycled Sweater Slippers Free Sewing Pattern – Any Size

You can sew whatever size sweater slippers you want with this tutorial, so fabulous!! There are so many ways to recycle old clothes into something new! Such as the easy DIY Old Sweater Beanie Hat and the Fabulous DIY Ways to Recycle Old T-Shirts. Whenever you want to shrunk your favorite woolly in the wash, think twice, this sweater slippers is a good try and you should have plenty left to make other goodies. These lovely warm slippers can be made in an evening if you are stitching by hand. If you have a sewing machine you could whip up a few more pairs! I have made a padded leather sole for mine because we have freezing cold floors, but this embellishment can easily be left out.

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DIY Recycled Sweater Slippers Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial - Any Size

Click the link here for the free DIY tutorial:

Cosy Slippers From Your Old Woolly Jumper by ThePrintPlace