DIY Scrappy Owl Free Sewing Pattern

Make this DIY Scrappy Owl plush with scrap fabrics at hands, super cute with ruffles and large enough to cuddle with. If you are kind of obsessed with the owls, great you are here as I have so many owl crafts already, the DIY macrame owls are fabulous for jewelry pendant and home decoration. The sock owl are so cute for kids gift or sew by kids themselves, and today this owl dreamcatcher is another one of my favorites that catch our eyes at first sight!  Do you still remember the bead dream catcher that looks like a life tree, and this one will be another fancy one you will love to make as I do now. Aren’t these just the most adorable owls you have seen? Each owl comes with its own personality. A great use of scrap fabric that everyone will love.

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DIY Scrappy Owl Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Click the link below for the free sewing pattern and tutorial:

Scrappy Owl Pillow with Tutorial by Eternal Thread