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Easy Sew Heart Shaped Mini Pouch DIY Tutorial

I always look for coins every corner of my bag when I pay with cash, make one of this pouch to put coins will be nice, for me at least. Small enough to fit in a coat pocket. This is a great stash busting project and perfect for a last minute gift. I have shared some purse DIY tutorials before, and if you love big handbags, I also shared some projects of sew bags tutorials. Ladies always love the little clutch bag for parties, cellphone or cosmetics, especially with party dress, and don’t want to get a large bag but a little one to carry all the all the necessities. This little mini pouch is good to hang on the purse as a lovely chain for coins, or slip into bag for little jewelry such as rings or necklaces.

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Easy Sew Heart Shaped Mini Pouch DIY Tutorial

Click the link here for the free sew pattern:

Heart Shaped Pouch Mini-Tutorial

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