DIY Fabric Maxi Leaf Mat/Rug Free Sewing Pattern

I have seen the leaf mat for some time on social media and Amazon, love it but cannot get the tutorial, and finally I stumbled upon this and cannot wait to share with you if you looking for toy for your baby, cute, soft and safety. DIY Fabric Maxi Leaf Mat is perfect decor for nursery and kids room. eing parents, we have to buy and make lots of baby stuffs for them. But if you can sew, your baby is in luck, and now I have to show you these darling puff quilts, each quilt is made piece by piece, with lots of love and patience. Quilting is a fulfilling project that gives you an awesome, practical result. Quilts make great gifts for friends and relatives, or even just a present for yourself. This leaf shape mat can be used as room decor, maybe your pet will also appreciate it. It’s practical in kid’s rooms, can be used as a playmat, crawling mat for baby, floor carpet, etc. Use lighter filling and this leaf will serve as blanket or comforter.

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DIY Fabric Maxi Leaf Mat Free Sewing Pattern

Click the link below to get the FREE sewing pattern:

MAXI Leaf Mat By Auroris