Men’s Shirt into Boy’s Tote Bag Free Sewing Pattern

Whether you’re searching for thrift store junkie, or just cleaning out your favorite guy’s closet, there are some great shirts which need a new life. When you clean up your closet, you will find some old t-shirts you loved so much and don’t feel so happy with them somehow, and there are so many ways to refashion them into new! As father’s day is approaching, we can upcycle dad’s unwanted shirts into something practical for little ones, like this church tote, with optional tie. This tote from Make it Love it is lined with thick duck cloth (sturdy canvas-y fabric), so it holds its shape really well.

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Men’s Shirt into Boy's Tote Bag Free Sewing Pattern

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Turn Men’s Shirt into A Tote (AKA: LITTLE BOY CHURCH BAG) by Make it Love it