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Refashioned Pinafore Dress From Men Shirt DIY Tutorial

Father-daughter relationship plays a vital role in his girl’s journey to adulthood! Do you prefer refashioning men’s shirts for your daughters? Whether you have an unused men’s shirt laying around your home, or you need to hit up the local thrift shop, you can make one of these pieces of clothing for next to nothing! I always enjoy seeing what other people are doing as I also shared some T-shirt Refashion Ideas, and jeans refashions tutorials. This is a simple, cute, and easy Pinafore dress made out of a dress shirt. It only takes me an hour to make this little dress and I love the way the buttons make it look professional with no time at all. Any sized dress shirt will work for this project as long as it is bigger than the model who will be wearing the dress.

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Refashioned Pinafore Dress From Men Shirt DIY Tutorial

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DIY Pinafore Dress Out of Dad’s Dress Shirt by Stephanie Miller