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Simple Denim Blanket Patchwork DIY Tutorial

Worn Jeans are common among kids, we don’t have to throw away them after wearing several months, remaining new except the big hole there. We can repair or refashion worn or old jeans in many ways as we collected before. DIY Recycled Denim Rag Quilt is great idea to recycle those unwanted old jeans into something new and useful for home improvement. The great thing about denim is that it is a very resistant material and it doesn’t get damaged easily with time. When making your denim jean rag quilt, the first step is to decide how big it will be, and what theme the fabric backing will have. Arrange the fabric to your favorite pattern before sewing. Keep the fabric scrap with fringe or sew with edging. It is really a fun project for sew beginner to start !

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Simple Denim Blanket Patchwork DIY Tutorial

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Denim blanket (plaid) with fringe in the technique of patchwork

Denim Rag Quilt DIY Tutorial from recycled jeans

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 DIY Denim Rag Quilt From Old Jeans (Pattern)