Sofa Sewing Caddy Free Sewing Patterns

Whether you are a couch potato reading books or watching TV, slip your remoters or even craft supplies aside for easy reach, they will save your tons of time and space to dig out under the sofa seats. If you love big handbags, I also shared some projects of sew bags tutorials. This Sofa Caddy/Organizer is a cinch to make but super useful to get your sofa organized. The tutorial has been specially created by Michelle at CreativeBlonde. The perfect accessory for anyone who loves to craft, whether it be, sewing, quilting, knitting or needlecraft, this is must have. Ideal if you like crafting whilst watching TV.

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Fabric Sofa Sewing Caddy Free Sewing Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE sewing pattern:

Make You Own Sofa Sewing Caddy by Overdale Fabrics

Fabric Sofa Sewing Organizer Free Sewing Pattern

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Click the link below for the FREE sewing pattern:

Sewing Organizer Tutorial for an Armchair Sewing Caddy by Overdale Fabrics