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Russian Vintage Ball Ornament DIY

Materials Needed:

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  • different cotton fabrics for the top
  • cotton fabric for the lining
  • cotton batting or felt
  • fluffy filling
  • silk ribbon


1. Cut round detail from cotton batting and iron it to the back side of fabric for the top. Diameter of following round detail is 5cm.


2. Cut round detail from Vlieseline H630 and iron it to the wrong side of fabric for the top. Diameter of my round detail is 5cm.


3. Cut the small hole on the lining. Turn the detail out.


4. Press the detail. Draw the equilateral triangle on the right side of it.


5. Make the same for 19 more details (total number of details is 20). Put two details wrong sides together and make hand stitches just on the drawn line.


6. Continue to sew the details together till all the round detail are over. Follow the photo of the ready ball. 

RussianchristmasornementDIY06  RussianchristmasornementDIY07

7. Put the fluffy filling into the ball before finishing. Add the ribbon.