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Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Free Pattern

Time to get active in the Gym. The weather is getting warm, and time to show off your best figure, I have shared different ways to keep you fit with less effort exercises, and I do recommend Best Workouts to Get Rid Of Your Bat Wings and 12 Simple Flat Tummy Workouts You Can Do At Home. These are 2 most fat accumulation spots for most of us ladies. Yoga is one of the best daily routine to keep ladies in shape, and reduce the pain sometimes. Yet sometimes you will find it awkward to hand carry the yoga mat in front of your friends, you can purchase the Yoga Bag, but you may save this money and handmade one with your preference, and today I am going to share this easy quick, simple, and even makes a great gift. It will certainly stretch to fit many different sizes of mats, too.

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Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Free Pattern

Click the link below for the free pattern

New Year, New Yoga (Mat Bag) by The Yarn Engineer