DIY Easy PufferFish Doll Free Sewing Pattern

Never thought of making toys out of an ordinary car wash mitts? Yep, you’re reading this correctly. A puffer fish from a Microfiber Chenille Mitt!! If you need toys sewing patterns, you should check out via the ink here, there are a variety of different versions to choose from! And time to have fun making a pufferfish doll or stuffed toy and home decor out of a household’s cleaning glove to a kid’s loving soft toy. With a short elastic cord attach onto it and hang it in your car, stroller or even playpen for your kids to play with, let the fish bounce and bungee jump all over the place. Toss it around, play “monkey catch” with it, or nap with it, it’s going to be your kid’s favorite buddy!!!

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DIY Easy PufferFish Doll Free Sewing Pattern + Tutorial

Click the link below for the FREE sewing pattern and tutorial:

Sew PufferFish Doll by Craft Passion