DIY Fabric Block Zipper Pouch Free Sewing Patterns

Make a Fabric Block Zipper Pouch with this easy tutorial for cosmetic or for school kids. Every outfit needs that perfect accessory to make it feel put together, and there’s nothing better than a good DIY clutch to match with your fashion. I have shared some purse DIY tutorials before. To sew a Fabric zip pouch is not as complex as we imagine. If you love to sew you might also like this, the pouch bag is a practical and stylish addition for ladies outgoing. This has bigger space, and you can change its size and pattern to customize your own. The sewing pattern is quite straight forward with template for beginners, and the width can easily be personalized if you want to make it longer or shorter.

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DIY Fabric Block Zipper Pouch Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Click the link below for the FREE pattern:

 Block Zipper Pouch Tutorial by Handmadiya