DIY Felt Cloud Bow Holder Free Sewing Pattern

Sew a Cloud Bow Holder to keep your girls hairbow organized and in place. Avoid the chaos of lost bows and clips while creating an adorable puffy cloud wall hanger. Best of all no hammers or screwdrivers this fluffy friend can be hung up with a simple tack.  I also have a lot of gorgeous hairstyles for long hair and if you want make change, don’t forget to browse around by click the link. This bow holder is easy to make even for big kids to join, sew a bunch to decorate room or make them into mobile, change the stars with moons, waterdrops to personalize your own fun.

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DIY Felt Cloud Bow Holder Free Sewing Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE sewing pattern:

Felt Cloud Bow Holder by American Felt

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