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DIY Ladybug Pillow Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

DIY Ladybug Pillow for your little lady bird! Looking for some creative ideas for your gardening or insect unit? You will love this adorable ladybug crafts perfect for kids of all ages.  Turn those left over pillows into comfy roll up pillow bed for the kids! This one is super fab addition for Spring kids room, it’s decorative and functional for kids room, and your little ladybird will carry them around. Rather than traditional round spots on her wings, Louise the Ladybug sports ten pretty appliqued white hearts. If you want to sew a sleep bag, the  Pillowcase Sleeping Bag will be perfect for baby, and the bubble cushion would be another awesome sew project for kids and family. 

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DIY Ladybug Pillow Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link below to get the free pattern and DIY tutorial:

Louise the Lovable Ladybug Pillow by Liz Johnson