Haku Dragon Scarf Free Sewing Pattern

A Haku Dragon Scarf for all dragon lovers! Don’t know why so many of us are in love with dragons. And I am one of them since dragon is a lucky symbol in our culture, dragons’ extra long slithery bodies make them perfect for transforming into scarves. Since I shared the crochet version of dragons and you all love them, I gonna share this for sure! This one was made to look like Haku from the Ghibli movie “Spirited Away,” but the cute head shape and versatile horn, ear, and spike patterns can switch it up to whatever dragon you can come up with! Now start your sewing with choly knight for the dragon fun!

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Kids Haku Dragon Scarf Free Sewing Pattern

Click the link below for the free pattern downable:

Haku Dragon Scarf By cholyknight