Komebukuro Japanese Drawstring Rice Bag Without Sewing Pattern

This Japanese Drawstring Rice Bag is a quick project suitable for anyone with even minimal sewing experience. I have shared some purse DIY tutorials before, and if you love big handbags, I also shared some projects of sew bags tutorials. The Japanese knot bag has one handle that is shorter than another.  A Komebukuro is a Japanese cotton drawstring bag that was used to carry offerings of rice to Japanese temples or shrines. The word literally means rice (Kome) – bag (bukuro). If you have some Japanese fabrics in stash, this would be a great project to use some of them. The bag is made of 10 piece squares, a sewing without pattern!

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Komebukuro Japanese Drawstring Rice Bag Free Sewing Pattern

Click the link below to get the free pattern and tutorial:

Komebukuro – Traditional Japanese Rice Bag by Creating My Way to Success