Patchwork Pumpkin Disc Ornaments Free Sewing Pattern

Add pumpkin spice scent to your Halloween celebrations with a festive, scrappy Patchwork Pumpkin Disc Ornament. Turn your Halloween themed fabric scraps into a stunning DIY pumpkin ornament for all quilters who are looking for something to sew for Fall. The pumpkin applique is fun to cut and sewing even for beginners, and the quilt design can be used as framed wall decoration as well, pretty easy for beginners and quilters. Monica shows how to make these adorable little Patchwork Pumpkin Ornaments which is not only for Fall decoation, but the coming holiday season!

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Patchwork Pumpkin Disc Ornaments Free Sewing Pattern + Video

Click the link below for the FREE sewing pattern and video tutorial:

Patchwork Pumpkin Disc Ornaments by Staci Ann Lowry