Stuffed Star Ornament for Christmas DIY

Christmas and New Year is coming, it is time to decorate your Christmas tree and home as a whole, or make a little handmade gifts for guests.

There is an hour in the evening? A bag of scraps there? 🙂

You can, for example, take the red cloth with different patterns (polka dots, checkered, striped) and turn the traditional Christmas star to a stylish modern toy, by mixing different fabrics of thick shades -“rustic” .



1. Draw a diamond shape on the paper template. First, we draw two perpendicular segment (= diagonal of the rhombus) 4cm long and 7cm (white line), connect the ends and get a rhombus with sides equal to 4cm (red lines). leave extra 1cm (= seam allowance) from the sides of the rhombus and draw a diamond of big size (blue line),cut out the template along the blue lines. Drill 4 holes at the locations of following 4  circles in the template (this trick will help you quickly locate the sewing end on the fabric). With these dimensions, you may get a star the size of 14cm, which is optimal for trees.

2. Place the template on the fabric, draw out with chalk, don’t forget to mark 4 points through the template holes, better line them up. Then cut out. You may need 12 pieces in total, 6 patterns*2 each.

3) Sew two parts with right sides together

4. Pin another piece and sew:

5. Iron all the edges flat.

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6) Repeat steps 3-5 for the following three parts. Stars get two halves:

7. Pin the two halves.

8.  Sew halves (do not forget to start from the lines on fabrics) together, iron out the seam allowances. One side of the star is ready.

9. Repeat all steps for the second side of the star.  Sew both sides together at wrong side, leave a hole to turn outside the front side , do not forget to insert the rope beforehand with knot for hanging.

10. Insert the stuffing tightly and stitch the holes close. Done! If bad agreed items in the middle, you can sew a button right on two sides by pulling a star. It also looks very cool!