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DIY Scalloped Baby Rag Quilt Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Make your Baby Rag Quilt with more elegance with this Scalloped Baby Rag Quilt Free Sewing Pattern. Rag Quilt is as simple as sewing a straight line. It is a wonderful beginner project and a great way to get practice while actually sewing something wonderful! You can give these rag quilts as personalized gift by forming patterns! If you’re new to the world of quilting, you may know that it’s not for the faint of heart. Luckily, there are a number of quilt patterns that are perfect for beginners, including the basic rag quilt.If you’re learning to sew, the rag quilt is great because it’s simply a matter of cutting and sewing straight lines. But rag quilts never stop at cutting into squares, you can cut into different shapes to create unique pattern or add appliques, too! Liz Johnson from sew 4 home is one of my favorite blogger with tons of sew tutorials to sew after.

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DIY Scalloped Baby Rag Quilt Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Click the link below for the free pattern and detailed tutorial:

Baby Rag Quilt with Soft Edge Scallops by Liz Johnson